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Patrick Hickey is an experienced teacher, who stands as one of the leading voices on AI education in the country. Featured in various media including RTÉ, TV3’s “Tonight Show” and Newstalk Radio, Patrick is widely recognised for his practical, no-nonsense style of presentation. 

Let Patrick guide you and your staff on a journey to harness the power of AI.  

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  • Enhancing teaching and learning
  • Streamlining your work as a principal, deputy principal, post holder or teacher
  • Creating and implementing meaningful differentiation  for all your students
  • Getting the work-life balance right.
  • All CPD is tailored for primary or post-primary

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Offering CPD to primary, post-primary and further education.

What's Covered:

Unlock the future of education with ‘Teaching with AI: Your Starter Guide to Success.’ 

This comprehensive beginners’ course is designed specifically for ALL educators involved in primary, secondary and third level education who want to learn about AI, how to use it and encourage responsible use of it among their students. 
Discover how AI can empower you to deliver more engaging, creative, and personalised lessons, all while reducing the administrative burden that leads to burnout. 

Whether you’re a seasoned tech-savvy educator or taking your first steps into the world of AI, this course will equip you with the tools and insights you need to transform your teaching practice. 
Discover how AI can enhance your classroom, allowing you to deliver more engaging, creative, and personalised lessons. Say goodbye to the overwhelming administrative burden, and embrace a more streamlined, rewarding teaching experience.

From dealing with Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and differentiation to offering support for year heads, principals, and deputy principals, Patrick addresses the full spectrum of modern educational needs and ensuring a healthier work-life balance for all involved in education.

Subject to availability Courses are available through Zoom or in person. 

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